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    March 25, 2013
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white or hispanic with dark pants and a dark sweatshirt, and a bun. the baby, gabrielle was in the back seat and will be one own friday. in the car seat, not buckled in as the mother was going back-and-forth, she was going in the house, coming back, and went back in to make another trip and she came back her white jeep liberty was speeding away with her baby inside and san jose miss do not know if the motive was to steal the car or baby. >> we are treating this as if the little girl's life is hanging in the balance and we have mobilized every possible piece of equipment, personnel, resources we have available to us. this is the big one. we are treating it as such. >> again, police are following all the leasts they can and they say, understandably the mother is frantic without her nearly one-year-old baby.
again, take a listen to this, a white jeep liberty, 2006, license plate 6bwk440 with this gorgeous little baby inside, right now, that is the latest from san jose. of course, we will bring you the latest on and on twitter, as well. with the latest from san jose, i am kira klapper for abc7 news. >> happening right now, festivities are underway to mark the opening of the long awaited devil slide tunnel on the san mateo coast. sky 7 captured the pictures of the completed half billion project between capital bay and pacifica. tonight, the tunnels will be open to drivers. abc7 news reporter is live on the pacifica side of the tunnel. amy? >> good morning, kristen, here it is, right behind me, today, i am standing in front of it. tomorrow, you will be driving in it. >> beyond being thrilled. such a victory.
>> the people will now have this protected tunnel to drive through instead of unpredictable highway one. this stretch known as devil slide would be closed often because of landslides. >> it will be a release to actually know that road is open. you do not have to worry about it or worry that your businesses will sufficient, you don't have to worry you cannot get your kids to school. it will be fantastic. >> caltran says digging the twin tunnels was the biggest challenge the agency has forced. they had environmental issues to work around and it had been a while since they had done this. >> the last tunnel was in 1964 and these are longer tunnels 4,400' long. >> residents played a key role. some said there were times they had doubts this day would arrive but they knew in their hearts they had to keep fighting. >> the resources here are unparalleled throughout the world. they are just irreplaceable.
we knew we could not sacrifice this mountain, these views, for a huge inland freeway bypass when we didn't have to. >> a tunnel is a more elegant solution to this ongoing problem. >> today, residents and caltran crews and officials say they are ready to celebrate. >> you do not get too many chances in one lifetime to work on infrastructure such as this. these are history-making projects. >> tonight, they still have paving and some striping to do. they are not exactly sure when they will get that finished but they do expect to have the tunnels open for tomorrow morning's commute. >> thank you. happening now, golden gate bridge crews are installing a giant l.e.d. sign above the toll plaza to let drives know starting wednesday, tolls will be all electronic and no more stopping to pay $6 cash as an obligation you can set up an
account or expect a bill in the mail after cross the bridge. the new speed limit will also increase from $5 -- five to 25 miles per hour on wednesday. >> expect major delays on the peninsula while a deadly incident is investigated. a man was killed on the tracks shortly before 7:00 this morning. he was hit by a northbound train at charleston road. right now the trains are operating on a single track between the palo alto and california avenue stations. caltrain posted the message on twitter saying all trains would be delayed 60 to 90 minutes and this was the 5th person killed by a train on the caltrain corridor this year. >> new this morning a teenager is in critical condition after being stabbed on the streets of richmond overnight. it happened just before midnight. the injuries are believed possibly life threatening. police placed at least a dozen evidence markers on the street. so far, they have not released any information about the suspect or a motive. >> also new this morning, three
people are in custody after leading police often a chase from hayward to oakland. the car crashed into the center median on eastbound 580 between grand avenue and park boulevard around midnight. the officer noticed the car was swerving and tried to pull the driver over but he took off. the investigators are trying to figure out if the same car was involved in a drive by shooting, as well. >> the family of a bay area marine killed on thursday's shooting at quantico marine base is making plans to go to washington, dc, to receive her remains. a pentagon official tells the "washington post" the shooting may have arisen from a romantic entanglement. a woman was shot to death with a marine from mississippi by a 25-year-old instructor, sergeant lopez of pacifica. lopez, then, shot himself. her mother and sister were notified by the marine corps at their home on friday. they want her to be remembered for her smile.
>> everyone can tell you her smile. she always had a smile on her face. >> this is sara's prom picture. she joined the marines after graduating from high school. lopez served one tour in iraq and two tours in afghanistan. his family declined comment. he was a decorated marines. >> highly decorated bay soldier is being represented after dying of injuries from afghanistan. the special forces man died on thursday in germany. he was injured in a shoot out in afghanistan days before he was scheduled to return home. the 31-year-old was from hayward and graduated from mount eden high school and served in iraq. he received a bronze star medal and leaves behind his wife, parents, and sister. >> dogs are people -- dozens are
people are camped out in the snow at the supreme court hoping to get a front row seat on oral arguments on proposition 8 which bans same-sex marriage from marrying and they will consider the defense of marriage act that forbids federal recognition of same-sex marriages. there are only 250 public seats for each other, and some people have been in line since thursday. the court is expected to rule late in june. abc7 news reporter is traveling to washington, dc, and will be sitting in court when the supreme court considers proposition 8, and the defense of marriage act. her live reports begin tomorrow, here on abc7 news. >> marriage equality advocates in san francisco are planning to make their voices heard this evening meeting at 6:30 p.m. at harvey milk plaza and after half an hour of remark by speakers including local clergy they will many to city hall. a second rally begins on the steps of city hall at 8:00 p.m.
>> just ahead the call for tougher gun laws are getting lauder and more expensive. a new push by new york mayor bloomberg to promote gun control. >> prince harry is coming to america, the one place
>> new york's millionaire mayor bible -- bloomberg is starting
an ad campaign to encourage gun control. >> congress is ready to take up new gun control measures. opponents and supporters are gearing up for a fight. >> this is what the survivors want. this is what the public wants. >> it doing in to anyone but slows down law abiding. ought senate will debate a bill to crackdown on gun trafficking and provide additional funding for school safety. what the bill will not include, is a ban on military-style assault weapons. those in favor of stricter gun laws are getting a big lift from new york city mayor bloomberg who has pour $12 million his personal fortune into tv commercials in a dozen state targeting waivering lawmakers. >> i believe in the 2nd amendment and will future for it but with rights come responsibility which is why i support comprehensive background
checks. >> the latest washington post/abc news poll show that 90 percent of americans support background checks but the n.r.a. opposed the legislation and want to encourage the current system 67 force laws already on the books, particularly those that keep guns from the mentally ill. >> one thing that scares a lot of people who believe in the 2nd amendment is the federal government keeping a national registry of gun owners and sales. >> a conservative democrat from west virginia is in talks with the n.r.a. of expanding background checks which could help stop a republican filibuster in the senate. >> right now the city of stockton in federal court is poised to become the largest city in the nation to enter bankruptcy. they face a four-day fight over the chapter 9 bankruptcy petition. creditors are challenging the move. for years the city based salaries and benefits and borrowing on anticipated developer fees and increasing property tax revenue but that
vanished when the mortgage bubble burst and slashed tens in millions in services and programs but drew the line at cutting pensions or retiree benefits. >> mike is off but lisa is here with the forecast. >> it has been cloudy and cool this morning. we are seeing some sunshine in parts of the bay but still looking mild out there. don't want to give it all away we have the last week of march, easter week, and that is all straight ahead. >> plus, a new warning from medical experts, what many new mothers are doing too soon. >> the mystery deepens over who won one of the biggest
>> cupertino, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> study suggests many mothers give their baby solid food way too soon. the centers for disease control conducted a national survey of more than 1,300 mothers and 40 percent gave their babies solid food before they were four months old and 9 percent as early as four weeks.
doctors recommend waiting until at least six months when they have the proper gut bacteria to digest the food. >> a new twist this morning in a growing $338 powerball mystery. it could be a while before we know who the winner service the giant jackpot. this morning, new jersey lottery officials announced the winning ticket was sold at eagle liquors in new jersey putting to rest other winners. a truck driver called and said he had the winning ticket but officials say that is a hoax. whoever is the real winner they could take home a lump sum $211 million. >> just wishful thinking. >> a lot of people would like to wish they had it. >> dream call. >> lisa is here for mike nicco. >> we need more rain. we have had a beautiful weekend. we are in between systems with
some clouds and cooler weather, but live doppler 7 hd showing that we are not picking up anything in terms of precipitation. there has been some promise in the past few model runs and we are still looking at somewhat of a west weekend. we will get do that in a moment. between now and then plenty of clouds and here is from mount tamalpais where we have very cool up in santa rosa where they are still dealing with fog. temperatures there are climbing through the 40's and 57 by delta, and breezy there and 55 in lib more. cloudy for you. we are looking at sunshine in napa and concord and san francisco right now is hazy, and the temperatures here held down by the sea breeze and it will pick up this afternoon. mid-50's in san jose, and upper 40's at half moon bay with plenty of low clouds in santa cruz in the mid-50's. so we had been used to the 70's and bright blue sky but throughout the afternoon we will see the clouds thin out, it will
be dry throughout moment of the week with the exception being one day this week. we will get do that in a moment. and a chance of rain moves in late saturday into sunday. with the clouds and a breeze, we are cooler, and santa rosa is ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time, and five degrees cooler at the airport and two to four degrees deal -- cooler at at the bay. you will notice the higher clouds around, you can see them here. it is a dirty ridge of high pressure that will allow for, still, dry conditions. but cooler conditions. we will not see so much sunshine and the on shore flow transporting the cooler air closer to the coast. the further you are from the coast and the more sunshine, obviously, the temperatures are coming up a little bit. throughout the next day, notice we clear out nicely tomorrow, tuesday afternoon, and by wednesday making up with clouds also in the afternoon and not looking bad. but on thursday, the trough pushes closer and in the north bay, we are looking at the
possibility of some rain drops, that is about it on thursday, and the next system we are looking for is the system that could bring us some rain and get us wet for easter. overnight lows with areas of low clouds and fog, mid-40's and upper 40's in richmond and if you are traveling to the south today, it will be partly cloudy but warmer in los angeles and 70 there, and 80 in fresno and back home, mid-60's across the bay and upper 60's around morgan hill. here is a look ahead, you will notice we have a slight chance of sprinkles on thursday, and basically partly cloudy all week long and by saturday and sunday, make we will have some west easter egg hunt. if you want to follow the day-to-day forecast the good way to do that, hour by hour is abc7 news, and live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine, and get video forecast, "spare the air" alert, and power outage information and weather
tweets from your favorite weather team. this forecast has been difficult so it is a good idea to check day-to-day and see how things change. >> it is complicated. >> a report reveals behind-the-scenes drama at nbc "today," with the host almost jumped to use last year. he was about to sign a deal to reunite with his former co-host, katie marzullo, and join abc7 news "katie" as well as contribute to "good morning america" and other ace programs complaining about an courtry -- about currie and is taking a hit
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>> 3:00 on "katie" true stories of redemption and forgiveness. and an american automaker is in trouble for an offensive cartoon ad creating outrage around the world. a california program paying you to go green on green on the roa. >> prince harry is coming back to the united states but is skipping las vegas. >> he will come to the east coast and travel to colorado including visits to hurricane sandy visits and arlington national cemetery, and walter reed medical center and the games no veteran athletes. harry made headlines when three was caught on camera after a game of "strip bill yards" in
las vegas. >> get a look at this, waitress turned kate middleton look alike purchased a baby bump to keep her new job going. she quit her $9 an hour job to make $1,000 an appearance acting as future queens. the baby bump keeps up appearances until the real [dramatic music]
♪ [cheers and applause]
[both speaking indistinctly] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. once upon a time today's first contestant was voted "best legs on the vegas strip," which she says was in 1908. from new hope, pennsylvania, please welcome allison mckay. hey, allison. [cheers and applause] oh, excuse-- [cheers and applause] very nice. you've still got it, baby, huh? and you flaunt it. >> you too, darling. >> yeah, well, you try. you try. if you've got nice legs, show 'em off absolutely. >> i try, darling. >> you know, i know you because you have been on the show before. i met you a few weeks ago. allison was actually in the audience. we came to that point-- part of the day. we were almost out of time. pulled you out, called your name. and you stood up here, and you won $1,000. we have a clip. let's show it. >> oh, no. well, i'm gonna say "d" anyway,
pose in playboy. it's always something i wanted to do. [laughter] >> i don't know what to make of you, allison. is that a final? >> that is a final. >> yes, it is posed in playboy. all right, allison. you got yourself $1,000. [cheers and applause] and i realized in that moment that you're a lot of fun and you're a little kooky. >> yeah. >> yeah, did you really want to pose in playboy? has that been a dream? >> well, nobody offered, but, you know, i was thinking about it. i was thinking about it. >> have you thought at all about what you like to do? now that you're here--and you're really playing for $1 million rather than $1,0e to do if you what you'd like to do if you made a lot of money today? >> well, first of all, i saw that and i thought, "call the face-lift guy." >> oh, no. >> now, no, but what i really want to do is i want to have a home for single men. >> oh. [laughter] >> not the old ones.